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"It’s popular fiction; like global warming or female ejaculation"

I’ve been accepted into The University of Plymouth to study human biosciences! So exciting (:

Tbh as long as I get accepted into university it doesn’t really matter, and I think I’ve made the decision that if I do get accepted I’m not going to tell my parents my results, I’m just going to tell them that I’ve been accepted. I mean at the end of the day if I’ve got my place it doesn’t even matter what my results are, because thats what this was all for, so I don’t want them to dwell on the letters like they normally do and just be proud of me for being the first member of both our close and extended family to go to uni.
Blah blah blah.

I like to always do a prediction before I get my results, so this year I thinkkkkk;

I like to think I’ll get a B in biology, I worked so hard for it I’m praying for it I retook every exam to help me
Chemistry I think I’ll get a C (hopefully)
English I reckon will be a D

Last year I was completely wrong, so I guess we’ll see (:
(I want to cut every one and drown myself in the shower)

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Crying like a baby after finishing Valiant Hearts )’:


My first customer called me an idiot and an asshole
My last customer bought me cake for being amazing.

Conflicting opinions.

Nearly holiday time!
Going to rebleach all my hair tomorrow, then drive up to St. Albans for some shopping :}

Don’t get me wrong, very sad about Robin Williams, but also very disappointed that this gets so much attention from social networking when all these children and babies getting murdered are essentially ignored.
RIP every one ♡