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Like, I’m totally 100% fine with people calling themselves whatever gender they feel. No problem at all.
But why then go out of your way to push others to identify themselves as “cis” when you don’t want to be identified as “trans”? It’s just a gender. It’s not a war.
It works both ways.

Apparently I’m not allowed to call myself a “woman” but instead have to call myself a “cis-woman” because not accepting “cis” as part of my gender is “transphobic”.
After all, I’m only a “real girl” because of “shoddy science privileges”.

itsathreebatchproblem asked: did you make your portal gun or did you buy it? if you bought it, where from and for how much? (i'm wanting to cosplay) THANK YOU IN ADVANCE FOR YOUR HELP XXXX

Hi there! I got mine on Forbidden Planet but they’ve sold out and don’t actually make them anymore. You can only get them on ebay now and they’re usually quite pricey


It’s ok, happy cosplay (: xx

Anonymous asked: omg where did you get your aperture enrichment shirt from??

I got it on Qwertee! But they only sell their shirts for 24 hours at a time.

I’m crying

Neil was filling in a survey and it’s asking him for his weight in “lbs”

So he turned to me and said

"how much do i weigh in lerbs?"

The problem is that I’ve worked every day this week including Easter Sunday (today) and tomorrow as well, for normal pay ):

Shouldn’t have to work this early on Easter Sunday!
Merry 420 though every one.

The phrase “women are annoying” should be replaced with “women are annoyed”.
And primarily by you.

My boss lends me gypsy punk albums because he’s super cool