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the-silent-planet replied to your post:ITS MY BIRTHDAY 

Happy birthday sugar! Miss youuu <3

Miss u 2 honeybee. Soon we will be reunited and I’ll try to skype you tomorrow :O <3


the-silent-planet replied to your post:I’m so excited for my Burfday 

I can’t be there for you though D:

You’re always with me in spirit <3

I’m so excited for my Burfday 

What fun things can I do tomorrow?! 

They’ve sold out of Harry Potter world tickets ): 

So fucked off with Zavvi.
Sending me a damaged collectible in the post and because they have none left I cant even get a replacement :\ the parcel it came in was in perfect condition so it was clearly damaged before they sent it to me as well.

Don’t expect more service if you’re going to send customers your damaged stock dick heads.

Apologies for whining I will sleep now. 

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my heart says yes but my bank balance says no

Me with pops

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sugarc0atedwh1telies answered your question: I feel your pain, but have you heard of Pop In A Box?

I have! Isn’t is amazing?!? Sad theyre sold out until November D: